Getting Help


All of us hit patches of life where we can use a hand. We’re not a community of perfect people with shiny lives; we’re normal people with normal struggles who help each other and trust our extraordinary God to turn our trials into goodness in His timing.

If you’re in need of help, reach out! This is a place where it’s safe to struggle. There are people who want to help, and walk with you in the journey toward wholeness and healing.

  • Our prayer team would love to pray for anything that is on your heart. You can join us Tuesday evenings at 7pm, or email your request.
  • We strongly encourage everyone to be part of a life group. These are the spots where people will get to know you, and where you can develop relationships where it’s safe to be honest and to support one another. Contact Karin Morris to get involved (
  • If you’d like to speak to a pastor, call our office at 805.543.0945 Monday–Thursday, 8:30a–4:30p to schedule a time.
  • Ongoing spiritual direction is available for those who are looking for guidance in their walk with God.

If you are considering harming yourself, please call 800-549-4499 to speak to someone right now. It’s confidential and free.

Listen to our recent message on depression and suicide here.


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