Growing with God

Learn practical ways to love God, love His church and love His world in these workshops.

At FBC, we believe our purpose is to love well—to love God, to love one another, and to love the whole world. How do we go about growing in that love?

That’s what our Growing with God series is about. These 4 classes will give you hands-on, practical instruction in ways you can grow as a disciple of Jesus.

To sign up for the next open class, contact Ben,

You’ll learn:

Loving God: the practices that help you create a rhythm of life with-God, so that you can delight in Him and trust Him more. You’ll also have the opportunity to be discipled one-on-one by a member of our community.

Loving His Church: how to live as a healthy member of a church community by serving, encouraging, and gathering with others regularly. You’ll learn why a life group is vital to being part of FBC and be encouraged to commit to life together.

Loving His World: why your own story is the best tool you have to introduce others to Jesus. How you can love the community around you using your gifts so they can know God.

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