Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member of our family

What is membership?

God saved us through the sacrifice of Jesus. Through His death, we’re for- given—and, by His resurrection, we’re given new life. That’s the Gospel that Christians believe.

But the Gospel isn’t just about our individual, private life with God. When He saved you, Jesus promised you a personal relationship—but not a private one. Life with God is always also life in community, with the others He’s redeemed. That’s the church.  The local church is the place God grows us. It’s the place where all kinds of people—who usually wouldn’t have anything to do with one another—learn how to love, forgive, encourage, and serve. We grow because we bump up against each other, live life together, and figure out how to love when it’s hard.

Membership is a commitment. It’s a decision that this local church will be where you look primarily for encouragement, direction, and community. It’s a choice to live in order to serve these people, even when it’s not easy or fun.

Membership is a covenant. Being part of a local body is not a light commitment. Paul describes membership as being a member in a body, an organ. So to move from one body to another is like a transplant: painful for everyone involved, and messy. Members are making a covenant to each other to stay, through thick and thin, as long as God allows.

Membership is where growth happens! Sure, it’s not easy—but there’s a lot of joy and life that comes in the commitment. Much of what God wants to teach you, He’ll show in community. While there’s hard work, there’s also a lot of laughter, joy, and love. It’s family!

To become a member, attend our next Newcomer’s Lunch. We have these every few months, and we announce them well ahead of time, so keep your ears open and RSVP!

Being a member at FBCSLO isn’t like being a member at a country club—it’s like being a member of a body, or a family. It means, we need you! We believe God has shaped each one of us to care for one another, and he intends to grow us together.

Membership is an important commitment, and our pastors and leaders are committed to serving you by providing opportunities for you to learn to walk with God in a daily way. Some of the ways we intend to help you grow include:

  • Small Groups—we believe every member should be part of a smaller community of people who know, care, and encourage one another in their daily lives.
  • Apprentice—this nine-month group focuses on teaching how we grow in the Gospel, and giving extremely practical steps toward loving God and loving others.
  • Weekly services
  • Missions and outreach opportunities
  • Church family gatherings

For more information about becoming a member, take a look at these:

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