Learn from Jesus how to live as he would in your place.

The Apprentice class is a 9-month small group experience. It’s a chance to get to know God experientially through His Word, community and soul-training exercises such as sleeping enough, slowing down, meditating on Scripture and observing the Sabbath. The class will help you:

  • Learn more about the stories that guide your actions, and how to be shaped by God’s story
  • Get a closer look at the God Jesus revealed
  • Enter a multi-generational community of men and women seeking Christ together, and supporting one another in that pursuit
  • Discover a practical process to bring healthy change to your life

The Apprentice class will include reading The Good and Beautiful GodThe Good and Beautiful Life andThe Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith; weekly gatherings to discuss, share and encourage each other; and a weekend retreat here in SLO to grow our community and seek God together.

Classes start each fall. To sign up for the next group, email Pastor Ben (

For more information about Apprentice, visit the Apprentice website or view the document below.

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