Update from Sally Weltner

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a refreshing Christmas season.  I’ve enjoyed a two week break up here in SLO and I’m ready to head back down to Mexico in just a few days.  I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and your financial support this year.  God has done so much with what we each have brought to the table its amazing.  Even just in the past three months we saw quite a number saved and a steady group of about 15 people coming regularly to church.  Its such a privilege and joy to disciple people who are so hungry for the word of God.
IMG_0683   sign out front
    In a few weeks I’ll be making my annual trek up to Caborca in the northern part of Mexico.  It will just be a quick 10 day trip to reach out to the indigenous Mexican indians, most of whom come from the state of Chiapas where it is very difficult to be a christian.  A big part of your financial support goes to bibles and CDs for audio gospel to this region.  If any one wants to make a special one time contribution to that project now is a great time.
        In light of giving, I needed to alert you all to a change in how I’m receiving my support.  Although I’m still a part of Agape Mission Projects, they had to downsize and have asked me to re-route my support money thru my church.  First Baptist has agreed to keep an account going for me so I can continue to receive those funds.  This means that from now on, any donations you would like to make need to be made out to First Baptist Church, with Mexico Mission in the memo.  Also a note included with a check is the best safeguard that the money will go to its intended destination.  I hope the change doesn’t create any confusion, and certainly you can ask myself or Ben Barczi if you have any questions.
saln the gals Diez
          Thank you all once again for your faithfulness in supporting me thru prayer, finances and your words of encouragement.  its what keeps me going.
Lastly. let me close with a brief list of prayer requests for the coming year:
  • continued provision and protection as my teams and I aim to spread the gospel to the indigenous people of mexico.
  • Increase in the number of workers so we can double the number of camps we visit.
  • Workers and funds for Caborca coming up jan 19th
  • Pray God increases the number of students at my English school so I can bring in more income and  can be less dependent on outside funding.
  • Pray God provides for me to buy the house I’m currently renting in culiacan.
Many blessings to you all in the coming new year.  I pray God prepares us all for His soon coming by giving us pure hearts and a readiness to share the gospel.  Lift up your heads for your redemption draws near!

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